Our menus

We are currently in the throes of updating our menus which should be available soon.

The links for our Lunch and Dinner menus will take you to our Facebook page in the meantime.


About us

Welcome to Bluey’s Smokehouse – Burgers and BBQ at Cardiff Bowling Club.

What we are all about is that Low’n’Slow cooking. We have a Metal Monkey Engineering “Smokin JAK” vertical smoker on site which is used to smoke our meats.

Bluey’s own housemade rubs and sauces also make us unique in what we are trying to serve up to our customers.

Bluey is passionate about food. His passion is what drives him to always strive to provide quality food for his customers when it comes to the BBQ and Low’n’Slow. To round out our team we have chefs Jeramy, Brent and Beth who complete our team with their extensive knowledge and experience working in kitchens around Newcastle. Each bring their own flavour to our menu and you will see this with items that may pop up from time to time when one of them has a culinary moment of brilliance. We also have our front-of-house superstars Danielle and Amy to complete the team.

We are open Wednesday through Sunday for:

Lunch – from 12:00 noon till 2:00 pm

Dinner – from 5:30 pm till 8:00 pm

Telephone: 0413 095 818

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